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New Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl!

Two new pokemon games are launching this year! And another one has been teased for 2022.
All three gams will be Nintendo Switch exclusives.
The two games releasing this year will be remakes of the the iconic Pokemon Diamond and Pearl from 2006.
Releasing next year however is Pokemon Legends: Arceus, introducing the long-gone era from before the existence of trainers and the pokedex,
this is surely one that will rile up the long time fans of the series. pokemonimg

Streamer Mizkif gets his holo lugia graded:

After Popular twitch streamer "Mizkif" earlier this year unboxed the extremly rare Lugia card from the $70.000 dollar Neon genesis box.
He quickly sent it of for grading, if the card comes back a perfect PSA 10/10 it is worth over $120.000 dollars
In his latest video it finally came back, After an extremly suspensefull opening that you can see HERE, it turns out:
The card is a PSA 8.5, sadly for the streamer his potential $120.000 turned to $3.500.
As you can imagine he isn't that happy and is right now sending it for re-grading. mizkifimg

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